The Unique World of Women

Price ( Eugenia Price )
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Pt. 1: Old Testament. --
Katurah: loving enough to be second --
Deborah, the nurse: a life of giving love --
Judith and Bashemath: Rebekah's troublesome daughters-in-law --
Dinah: a restless teenager --
Tamar: the widow with her wits about her --
Shiphrah and Puah: two daring middle-aged women --
Zipporah: Moses' inadequate wife --
Deborah: the woman adequate to everything --
Delilah: the beautiful trickster --
Ichabod's mother: all sorrow and despair --
Michal: David's insensitive wife --
Bathsheba: acting on forgiveness --
Queen of Sheba: wise woman with a hungry heart --
Huldah: discerning reality --
Pt. 2: New Testament. --
Anna: the creative widow --
The widow of Nain: some thoughts on death --
Joanna: the woman who returned her gift --
The samaritan woman: moment of recognition --
The woman with an issue of blood: the simplicity of faith --
The woman with a crippled back: bigotry and faith --
Peter's wife: who inspired her husband --
The widow and her copper coins: one penny was everything --
The Syro-Phoenician woman: she met his challenge --
The woman taken in adultery: she waited with him --
The mother of the blind son: "He is of age, ask him" --
Rhoda: the slave with a capacity for joy --
Mary of Jerusalen: John Mark's mother --
Rufus' mother: and Paul's. 
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